Mount Miguel High School

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The Matador Art And Design (MAD) Pathway Provides Students With Opportunities To Learn Skills Including:

  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Web Design
  • Video Production

Students Learn New Technical Skills and Creative Processes While Working On Media Projects

  • Industry Standard computers, software,and equipment. 
  • College credit available 
  • Advanced Placement option with 95% passage rate

Pathway Options

Photography & Digital Art Capstone
In the Digital Art Capstone sequence, students will take photography followed by the Digital Art Senior Capstone.  This class provides students with the opportunity to explore photo manipulation, illustration, web design, video production and more.

Video Production/Multimedia Sequence
Seniors can choose to take the Video Production capstone.  No previous experience is required, but it is a two period block--it meets everyday for two hours.  In this class students will complete several video projects including making videos that promote the school and the various other programs.

For More Information Contact:

Mr. McMurrayMr. McMurray
Room 667
Mr. MercadoMr. Mercado
Room 233