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Do you need a letter of Recommendation?
Pick up a brag packet in the Counseling Center or refer to the brag packet below.  The information you collect will help the person write a strong letter on your behalf.  
  • Ask a teacher, coach, mentor or supervisor to write your letter.
  • Give the person at least two weeks notice
  • Use the senior brag packet to collect your thoughtsand provide detailed information about yourself.
  • Provide a copy of the information the college or the scholarship is requesting
  • If the letter needs to be mailed directly, provide a stamped envelope to send the letter
  • Make sure you write a thank you note...the small gesture goes a very long way :)
 Step 1: Email a message to your counselor and/or teacher letting them know that you would like to request a letter of recommendation and that you will be completing the online request form. In addition, ask your recommender in person.
Step 2:  Email your counselor and/or teacher a copy of your resume and fill out the brag packet.  Be sure to make a copy of the packet if you are giving it to multiple people to write letters.
Senior Brag Packet

Senior Brag Packet iconSenior Brag Packettitle