Mount Miguel High School

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Graduation Requirements - High School Diploma

 English (40 Credits Required)  X X
 Math (30 Credits Required) X X  
 Science (20 Credits Required) X X    
 Social Science (40 Credits Required) X X X
 Visual/Performing Arts or Foreign Language (10 Credits Required) X      
 Electives (50 Credits Required) X X X X
 Physical Education (20 Credits Required)  X X    
Additional Requirements:
  • 220 Credits
  • Technology Requirement (Met in Full Year 9th Grade Geography Class)
  • Post-Secondary Plan Requirement (Fall, 12th Grade)

"A-G" Requirements -Minimum course requirements for University of California (UC) campuses and California State Universities (CSU)

 a = English (4 years) X X
 b = Math (3 years) - Alg I, Geom, & Alg II X X
 c = Science (2 years) - Including Lab X X  
 d = Social Science (2 years) - World, US/Government X R  
 e = Foreign Language (2 years of the same language) X  
 f = Visual/Performing Arts (1 year) X      
 g = Academic Elective (1 year)  X      
X - Required   R - Recommended
Additional Requirements:
  • Minimum grades of a "C" or better is required in "A-G" coursework

Graduation With Honors

Beginning with the Class of 2017, all students achieving a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 or above, based on the accumulated transcript at the seventh semester, or the eighth semester second progress report, who have met all the requirements for for earning a high school diploma, completed all UC "A-G" coursework, shall be recognized as Honor Graduates.
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