Mount Miguel High School

Do you need help in a class? There are several ways to get help.
Talk to Your Teacher
Many teachers offer help before school, at lunch, or after school.  Talk to your teacher to see when they are available.
Parents can contact the teachers directly to see when they are available and for help supporting their student.  Use the staff directory to contact the teachers (email is often best as teachers can't often talk during class).
Stay for Intervention Time
Make sure to stay for the 20 minutes of intervention time at the end of each class to get help.  Use that time wisely.
Come to the Matador Tutorial Center (MTC) and/or Saturday Scholars
Come to the Matador Tutorial Center (MTC) and/or Saturday Scholars to get additional help.  There is a teacher from ever subject available. 

The Matador Tutorial Center

Independent Study in the Library

Ms. Cerezo

3:15PM - 4:15P  T W Th

Math - Mr. Abdulahad, Rm. 120
Math - Mrs. Hardaway, Rm. 120
Science - Mr. Linke, Rm. 235
English - Dr. Jeffers, Rm. 114
Math - Mr. Abdulahad, Rm.120
Science - Mr. Samuels, Rm. 235
Social Science - Mrs. Davies, Library
Foreign Language - Mrs. Sardo, Rm. 116
Math - Mr. Abdulahad, Rm. 120
English - Mrs. R. Jones, Rm. 114

What are you waiting for? Get help NOW!