Mount Miguel High School

A. Athletics

Mount Miguel students are reminded that they must follow regulations established by the Grossmont Union High School District in order to participate in athletics and certain extra-curricular activities, such as Cheerleading. Athletes should also remember that all athletic clearance forms and fines must be cleared before they will be eligible for the next season of sport.
B. Interscholastic Eligibility

1. Insurance\\nAll students participating on athletic teams must carry adequate insurance coverage, as required by the Education Code, Section 32220 et seq.
2. Students on Transfers, Interdistrict Transfers, and Custodial Agreements\\nEffective July 1, 1995, students in the Grossmont Union High School District are residentially eligible to participate in extra-curricular athletics from the date of their enrollment until graduation unless:
a. otherwise determined by the respective site administration, or\\nb. they are not in compliance with the rules and regulations as stated in the Grossmont Conference Constitution, or\\nc. they are not in compliance with the rules and regulations as stated in the Extra-curricular Eligibility Book (Yellow Book), or\\nd. student transfers to a second school without a change of residence on the part of the student's original custodial parent(s), legal guardian(s), or original caregiver(s). Said student shall be residentially ineligible to participate in sports at the varsity level for one year from the first date of attendance at the second school in which the student has competed in any level of interscholastic competition during the 12 calendar months preceding the date of such transfer. [Ref: C.I.F. Green Book]
3. Club Activities\\nParticipation in club activities and extra-curricular activities are required to comply with all C.I.F. eligibility guidelines and procedures. [Ref. C.I.F. Green Book]
4. Grade Point \\nStudents must maintain a 2.0 grade point average (C average) for all courses in which enrolled during the preceding six weeks and for which a letter grade was assigned. This grade point average computation will include 2.5 unit courses in which the student was enrolled beyond the required five 5-unit course enrollment. Only official progress reports or report cards, not progress check sheets, are used to determine eligibility. Advanced courses will not enhance a student's grade point average for eligibility purposes.
5. Course Enrollment Students must be enrolled in five 5-unit courses within the regular school year and maintain this enrollment throughout each six-week period. Such enrollment will constitute satisfactory progress towards meeting the requirements for graduation.
6. Conduct Situations\\nUpon receipt of unsatisfactory conduct grades ("U") in more than one course, the student will be declared ineligible for the next six-week school-wide grading period unless appealed to and subsequently placed on probation by the Administrator of Athletics following a student/parent contact. Probation may only be granted one time in any given year.
7. Summer School\\nSummer school credits will count towards addressing scholastic and conduct deficiencies incurred in the preceding semester grading period. Grades received in a summer course of equal or superior level to that of a previous course shall replace the previous grade for purposes of determining academic eligibility. New courses will not replace previous coursework and any grade received will be averaged with all course grades from the previous semester. Scholastic and conduct marks received in summer school courses shall not unfavorably impact eligibility. [Ref: C.I.F. Green Book]

C. Eligibility Appeal Process

1. Appeals for exemption from the loss of eligibility due to intradistrict transfers may be submitted to a district committee for review. The Conference President will receive all appeals from the comprehensive schools and will convene the committee as deemed necessary. This process assumes prior compliance with existing San Diego Section, C.I.F. eligibility standards. [Ref. C.I.F. Green Book]
2. For ninth-grade students, local school appeal for a probationary grading period applies to grade point average and conduct, excluding course enrollment (must maintain five 5-unit courses). For 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students, the right of appeal for a probationary grading period applies to conduct marks only.
3. If conduct is the only criterion of the five aspects of eligibility for which the student has been declared ineligible, and she/he is eligible for probation, she/he may be place on probation by the school's Administrator of Athletics for the subsequent six-week grading period.
4. Only one probationary period per student per year may be allowed.
5. No student may be granted a period of probation or exempted in any way from the minimal C.I.F. standard of passing in four classes.Examples:. A student receiving a "U" in conduct for a single course in any one grading period (six weeks) will still be eligible.. A student receiving a "U" in conduct for more than one course in any one grading period (six weeks) will have the potential for one probationary eligibility period as determined by the school Administrator of Athletics. A student receiving a "U" in conduct for more than two courses in any one grading period (six weeks) is ineligible and not entitled to probationary consideration