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Concurrent Enrollment FAQs

Concurrent Enrollment FAQs

COLLEGE COURSES (Concurrent Enrollment)

Policies and Procedures for High School Students

Eligibility of Students

To be eligible for concurrent enrollment, students:
  • Must be currently enrolled in high school.
  • Must be determined by the high school counselor/principal to have the ability to benefit from "advanced scholastic or vocational work."
  • Have written parental approval prior to registration.
  • Enrollment Procedures (Updates for COVID-19 Closure listed in ITALICS  below)

    Plan Ahead. Students should begin the process for enrollment at least one month before the semester or session of attendance. To enroll at the college, follow these procedures:

  • 1.  Meet with your school counselor to discuss your plan to take a concurrent college course. Together, you will make sure you are ready to take on the challenge of a college course and ensure the proposed course fits with your academic plan. (Right now, you can make an appointment with us by emailing us and we can coordinate a zoom meeting or phone appointment.)
  • 2.  Complete an Application for Admission to Grossmont/Cuyamaca College. You can access the application by clicking here: GCCCD Application. If you have questions, check out our GCCCD Application FAQs. After 24 hours, please log-in to WebAdvisor to access your GCCCD ID to place on your authorization form. For help with WebAdvisor, please click HERE. 
  • 3.  Complete the Placement Questionnaire and/or Pre-Requisite Form on WebAdvisor if required for your proposed course. This must be done before you can register for a class.
  • If you are taking an advanced language (i.e. Spanish 121 or higher), you will need to complete a pre-requisite form, proving you have the background to take the course. 
  • If you are taking a math class, you will need to take the placement questionnaire on WebAdvisor.
  • 4.  Complete the High School/College Credit Enrollment Authorization form (Speak to your Counselor to get the CE Form). Please fill out the form with all required info and email it to your counselor as an attachment. They will sign it, scan it, and send it back to you to submit.
  • Your parent/guardian must sign the form as well. 
  • 5.  Submit the authorization form to the Admissions and Records Office at Grossmont/Cuyamaca College.  During the closure, please email your form to the following individuals: 
  • If taking a course at Grossmont, email Linda Elia at  
  • If taking a course at Cuyamaca, email Ariane Ahmadian at
  • 6.  Determine which specific course section you would like to take. Look on the college website (links below) for the Summer, Fall, or Spring schedule to search for a class, day, and time that will work with your schedule.                                                                                                Class Schedule Links
  • 7.  Register online using WebAdvisor anytime after your assigned registration time. The sooner you register, the more options you will have. Remember, you may only register for the course(s) approved on your High School/College Credit Enrollment Authorization form. For step-by-step instructions on how to register, click HERE (available in multiple languages). In addition, you can watch Cuyamaca's quick tutorial video HERE
  • Fees

    Tuition is covered for high school students who are CA residents, but additional fees are not (i.e. mandatory student health fee- around $18-21 per semester, parking passes, textbook costs, etc.)
    • Please Note: Grossmont/Cuyamaca does offer some courses that do not require a textbook. If you are looking for no textbook or textbook optional courses, look for classes with an OER (Open Educational Resources) or a ZTC (Zero Textbook Costs) designation in the semester class schedule. Not every subject area or course will have this option. 

    Class Attendance

    Attend class! You must be present for the first class meeting or the instructor may drop you. In addition, the instructor may drop you for excessive absences. However, it is always the student's responsibility to drop the course before the published deadline date if you no longer plan to attend.

    General Rules Regarding College Enrollment

  • 1.  High school students will be held to the same academic and conduct standards as any other college student enrolled in the class. Access to specific courses may be limited by space availability and/or course prerequisites. (See college catalog and class schedule for specific information.)
  • 2.  High school students will attend high school for at least the minimum high school day.
  • 3.  High School/College Credit (HS/CC) students may enroll for either day or extended day courses but are limited to no more than 11.5 units per term.
  • 4.  All classes taken at Grossmont/Cuyamaca College are for college credit. Enrollment in the HS/CC program will establish a permanent college record. As a result, your grade will stay on your college transcript forever, so take the class seriously!
  • 5.  As this is a college course, the student is responsible for all communication with instructors. Due to privacy laws, instructors cannot and will not provide information about a student's grade or progress in a course. In fact, most will simply not respond. Students must be responsible to advocate for themselves and communicate if there is an issue. 
  • 6.  High school students will need to provide transportation to and from the college, purchase a parking permit (if needed) and the required books and supplies for the college course(s).
  • Additional Information

    If you wish to continue your concurrent enrollment into the next college semester, you must complete a new High School/College Credit Enrollment Authorization form. A new application for admission is not required. Community college courses may satisfy "a-g" subject requirements, but may not satisfy graduation requirements. An official college transcript should be requested by the student and sent to the high school for credit evaluation.  Spring semester classes typically end in early June; therefore, grades may not be available until mid-June. Please consider this fact when making plans for high school graduation.

    After high school graduation: If you have been enrolled in the HS/CC program, you are eligible to continue your enrollment at Grossmont/Cuyamaca College. Please notify the Admissions and Records Office of your graduation so that your records can be updated.
    Community College Information

    Community College Information