Mount Miguel High School

Student Check Out Process

Student Check Out Processtitle

Matador, we’re sorry to see you go.  We want to make this transition easy for you and for that we’ve created 3 steps for you to check out from Mount Miguel High School (MMHS). 
If you follow all 3 steps, the Official Check Out process will be smooth, fast, accurate, and you will only need to make one trip to MMHS.  
IMPORTANT - Only the authorized parent(s) or legal guardian in our system can check out the student. Parent/legal guardian and student must be present for official check out.
Step 1 - Gather the following information:

Step 1 - Gather the following information:title

➢ Student’s last day at MMHS (date)
➢ Reason for leaving
➢ School name and address where the student will be attending
Step 2 - Appointment and Items

Step 2 - Appointment and Itemstitle

➢ Call 619-667-6439 to schedule an appointment to Official Check Out. 
➢ Ask to get a list of the books, uniforms, equipment, fines, fees, etc. that must be returned and/or paid in full during your check out appointment.  This is part of the Official Check out and missing items will delay the process.
Step 3 - At your Scheduled Appointment:

Step 3 - At your Scheduled Appointment:title

➢ Parent/legal guardian and student show up 5 minutes before scheduled appointment
➢ Parent/legal guardian must bring valid picture Driver’s License or ID
➢ Return all books, uniforms, equipment, etc. (must be in same condition as when distributed to avoid fines) 
➢ All fines, fees and balances must be settled in full 
If you follow the 3 steps, the average time for the Official Check Out process is 20 minutes.
Please be aware that checking out without an appointment may take up to 3 hours and may require multiple trips to Mount Miguel to complete the process.