Mount Miguel High School

Student-athletes: If you are interested in playing at the Division I or II level in college be sure to meet with your Coaches and School Counselor to make sure you are taking the appropriate level courses to meet the requirements to play Div I or II.  Your school counselor is available to review your academic status and create a plan to be sure you are on the right path to eligibility.  
Want to Play College Sports?

Want to Play College Sports?title

18-19 Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete

18-19 Guide for the College Bound Student Athletetitle

18-19 NCAA Initial Eligibility Brochure

18-19 NCAA Initial Eligibility Brochuretitle

NCAA 101: Our Three Divisions

NCAA 101: Our Three Divisionstitle

Division I Academic Requirements

Division I Academic Requirementstitle

Division II Academic Requirements

Division II Academic Requirementstitle

NCAA Quick Reference Sheet

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