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The Staff Google Drive includes phone lists, master schedule, field trip request form, meeting minutes, and more.

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If there is a section of the site that you would like changed, please contact Mick McMurray.

Announcements will be reviewed and posted ASAP by classified staff.  If you want to make sure that it is read in the bulletin, please contact Luis Montes by email.

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Try to limit your use of Reply All to when it is absolutely necessary.  Replying to the sender will almost always will suffice.
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    Technology Help


    Did you know you can call H-E-L-P on your school phone and talk to a real live person in the Application Support Department?  Really–the extension is just H-E-L-P on a school phone or call 956-HELP from any phone.

    Hardware support

    Contact our Technology Specialist for hardware support and software installation. You may contact him directly, but you should also create a support ticket in MyTechDesk.  Vic will get contacted automatically when the ticket is created.

    Victor Richmond
    (619) 667-6463

    Teaching with Technology Support

    Quick questions can go to the Technology Coordinator.
    Mick McMurray 
    More extensive help is provided by the district Digital Learning Coaches (DLCs).  You can find out more and request help on their page.