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About the MBA

About the MBA

The Matador Business Academy's mission is to develop compassionate, collaborative, college and career ready students. We are a special state funded, linked learning academy where students form an exclusive cohort in most of their classes. This encourages a friendly, supportive environment which leads to greater academic success. This extra funding allows us to participate in business conferences, mentoring programs, and national level business competitions.

The MBA students acquire the knowledge and skills for a successful career in business through a project-based curriculum. Not all MBA students will go into business, but they are all prepared to become professional leaders, in whatever industry they join.
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • MBA offers over 20 off-campus, single and multi-day field trips
  • Explore college through our SDSU Mentoring Program
  • Experience workplace learning through our Professional Mentoring Program.
  • Earn college credits: in class OR in community college courses: free of charge
  • Learn in project-based, computer labs everyday!
  • Learn to become a strong, articulate leader
The MBA is a four year program that creates collaborative, competent, college and career ready students who will become the business leaders of the future.
  • Dedicated teachers 
  • Mentoring by SDSU students & industry professionals
  • 6 College Credits
  • Project Based Learning
  • Most field trips in the district
Sequence Of Courses

Sequence Of Courses

10th GRADE:
MBA English 3C/4C
MBA World History 1C/2C
MBA Biology 1C/2C or 3H/4H (Honors program)
MBA Introduction to Business 1C/2C

11th GRADE:
MBA English 5C/6C or 5H/6H (Honors)
MBA United States History 1C/2C or 1H/2H (Honors)
MBA Chemistry 1C/2C or 1H/2H (Honors)
MBA Digital Marketing 1C/2C

12th GRADE:
MBA English for Business
Virtual Enterprise** (2 period block course)
Students can earn 3 college credits in each class 
For More Information Contact:

For More Information Contact:

Mr. James McFarlandProgram Coordinators: 
Mr. James McFarland
Room 225