Mount Miguel High School

Mount Miguel High School offers art classes from beginning art and 2-D design through advanced art classes and AP Studio Art. These classes challenge students to learn both technique and creative thinking.
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Illustration
Sequence Of Courses

Sequence Of Courses

  • Art 1S 2S (basics for hands on: drawing (realism and other) and painting. Important foundation for ALL upper level art courses; including any 2-D art and all college level courses, some A.P. level work available if desired )
  • Art 3S 4S (2nd year, drawing and painting, a wide variety of media, including chalk, oil pastels, watercolor, print-making, scratch-board, acrylic...many projects, and A.P. level projects available )
  • Art 5S 6S (3rd year, Hands-on drawing, painting, mixed media etc…)
  • Art 7S 8S and/or A.P. (4th year, drawing, painting etc.)
These classes can help build an art portfolio for careers, scholarships, and A.P. credit.

Also, taken for pleasure in creativity and continued ARTS enrichment.

*A.P. Studio Art includes creation of a portfolio of your original Artwork, created over the 4 years in the prior courses, as well as additional assignments done after school.
Ms. Annicchiarico offers the option to submit a 2-D A.P. Portfolio, or a Drawing A.P. Portfolio.
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

The hands-on arts classes in this sequence will provide students with many fun opportunities to develop creative and technical skills in drawing, painting, and creative design. You will create colorful artwork which you’ll be proud to keep and share.

Students often exhibit their work in local shows, enter contests, and keep their creations for years to come.

Among a wide variety of art projects for ALL levels, there are also many opportunities to gain insight from the professional artist guest speakers, field trips, art show competitions and community art club experiences.

Come explore a variety of drawing and painting projects, in our class.

Street-Painting is generally taught AFTER school, but some street-painting is also done in the intermediate and advanced classes.
For More Information Contact:

For More Information Contact:

Chris Nelson
EmailRoom 664