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Students in the Matador vocal music program develop their singing and performing skills. The Honor Show Choir is an advanced singing and dancing choir that enters competitions and performs across San Diego County.
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Performing
  • Competing
  • Fancy Outfits
Students in the Matador vocal music program perform concerts and competitions at venues within the Western part of the United States. The Honor Show Choir is an advanced singing and dancing choir that has performed through out California. They have competed in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles just to name a few. The Award winning Honor Show Choir won 1st and 2nd place the last 15 years and 1st place the last 5 years. This past year at Knott's Berry Farm Music in the Parks competition they won 1st place Superior, Best Vocalist award, Best Pianist award and Best Overall choir trophy. If you want to sing and grow musically in an award winning choir, then this is for you!
Sequence Of Courses

Sequence Of Courses

Concert Choir- Sing
Honor Show Choir- Sing & Dance
Guitar 1-2
Guitar 3-4
Piano 1-2
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Singing- to learn how to use your vocal cords correctly, increasing your range while learning to sing amazing music.
  • Dancing- Starting with the basics of choreography and progressing to advanced foot work.
  • Competing- Learning to work as a team to achieve excellence 
  • Performing- Learning to perform on stage with skill and perfection. 
For More Information Contact:

For More Information Contact:

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EmailBand, orchestra, color guard - Room #701
Choir, guitar, piano - Room #703