Mount Miguel High School

Students in the MEC enroll in UC/CSU transferable college courses at Grossmont College or Cuyamaca College. They experience a college atmosphere, and are oriented to the process involved in enrolling in college, choosing classes, and completing college coursework.

Since 2014:
  • 191 Student Enrolled in College Courses
  • 698 College Courses Passed w/grade "C" or Higher
  • 70% of MEC Graduates Completed UC/CSU Transferrable Courses with a "C" or better.
For More Information Contact:

For More Information Contact:

Matador Early CollegeDr. Jeffers
Room 354


Mr. Hurst
Room 352 Email

Ms. Cerezo
Room 350 Email
Ms. Moritz
Room 103 Email
Mr. Tyler
Room 350 Email
Mr. Mumford
Room 107 Email
Mr. Samuels
Room 787 Email
Mr. Sizemore
Room 339 Email
Ms. Tarman
Room 789 Email