Mount Miguel High School

All students at Mount Miguel High School are issued a Chromebook.
More information and resources, including insurance information, can be found on the Future Forward site.
Protect Your Chromebook

Protect Your Chromebook

  • Always keep your Chromebook in its case.
    If you need a new case, go to the library.
  • Carry your Chromebook by closing it and holding it with two hands.
    Don’t hold it by the screen! Thumbs have been known to crack screens.
  • Check before closing your Chromebook.
    Closing on earbuds, pens, phones, etc. can crack your screen or break the hinges. 
  • Beware of your Chromebook being stepped on.
    This includes when your Chromebook is in a backpack.
  • Keep liquids away from your Chromebook.
    Spills cause some of the most expensive damage.
Chromebook Loss/Damage Fines

Chromebook Loss/Damage Fines

  • Entire Chromebook: $300
  • Motherboard: $176
  • Lost/damaged charger: $35
  • Cracked/damaged screen: $66
  • Broken hinges: $15 per hinge
  • Trackpad: $5
  • Keyboard: $20
  • Chromebook body: $25
Insurance is available! 
Click for information about Chromebook Insurance
What Do I Do If . . .

What Do I Do If . . .

My Chromebook isn’t charged?
The library doesn’t lend out chargers. Replacement chargers may be issued for a fee.

My Chromebook is broken?
Go to the library and have your Chromebook checked. 
If your Chromebook must be kept for repairs, you will be issued a long-term Chromebook loaner until your original one is fixed. Any fees will be added when repairs are done. 
Do not avoid or delay asking for help!
Trying to fix it on your own can cause more damage.
Damage often gets worse (and more expensive) if you don’t fix it. 
My Chromebook is lost? 
Report it immediately. Tell the library staff and we will help you. Our #1 concern is that you are able to do your work.
The Chromebooks require a GUHSD login and can be deactivated.  There is a good chance of recovery.
How do I print?
Cloud Printing: Chromebooks can print via Google Cloud Print. You need a printer that has cloud print capabilities or a computer that is connected to a printer, connected to the internet, and has the Chrome web browser. More information is available here.

Printing in the Library:  
  •  You can always print in the library. Look for directions on how to cloud print from your Chromebook. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.
  • Plan wisely to print before class and allow time for technical issues and waiting, especially near or on due dates. You will not be provided a late pass.
    Save paper and ink! Use PRINT PREVIEW, set page ranges, and try
  • Worksheets and documents from your teacher’s websites, and school forms are free. You may print anything school related for FREE. You may not print non-school items.
When in doubt, reboot!
  • Hold the power button until your computer turns off and then turn your computer back on.
  • Log out, “remove your user,” and log in again re-typing your full email address.
    Remove user by using the drop-down in the top right corner of your login screen avatar.
  • Make sure Chrome is updated.
    Go to SETTINGS > ABOUT CHROME OS> Check for and apply updates. Follow directions if update is needed.
Can’t connect to Wi-Fi?
Check and correct your date and time settings to be accurate.