Mount Miguel High School

Transcripts & Education Verifications

Transcripts & Education Verifications

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*For the following programs' records, click on the corresponding link.
Phoenix Program

*For other records, listed below, FAX your request with Proper Documentation.

504 - Fax 619-697-0794  Attn. Miss. West
IEP & SPED - Fax 619-667-6593  Attn. Mr. Barone
Cumulative Files - Fax 619-644-8408  Attn. Mr. Garcia
Assessments & Test Records - Fax 619-465-9744  Attn. Mrs. Ustaszewski

The records department is available M-F from 8 AM to 12 PM and from 1 PM to 3 PM.


** Information will not be verified over the phone, voice mail, or email.
** Diplomas cannot be duplicated.