Mount Miguel High School


** For Transcripts or Education verifications CLICK HERE


 The following information is for 504, IEP / SPED, Assessments / Test Scores, and Cumulative files.


Your fax request must include:

1- Your institution's official Letterhead

2- A signed Release of Information from the Person of Interest (PI), if applicable 

3- PI's full legal name used while attending Mount Miguel High School (Maiden name)

4- PI's year of graduation or last year of attendance

5- PI's full date of birth (Month / Day / Year)


** Requests with more than three pages or requests missing information will not be processed.

** Email requests are NOT accepted.

** Subpoenas must be presented in person, with attention Jake Gaeir - Principal
CLICK HERE to see the list of the department's fax numbers.
IMPORTANT: Information will not be verified over the phone, voice mail, or email, DIPLOMAS CANNOT BE DUPLICATED & Official Transcripts cannot be faxed.  An Official Transcript is considered official documentation of graduation by colleges and employers.   *Legal guardian may request records if the student is under 18 years old.  We process records requests in the order in which they are received and it might take up to 5 working business days to process.  Records other than transcripts are kept on file ONLY for 5 years after graduation or the last date of attendance.